It's time for HinaWorld UQ!

03 March 2018
The site turns off the 15 candles and is renewed with improved graphics, mobile responsive, and some news for the future.
Maybe many of you were not expecting it but after some working time I'm proud to present “HinaWorld 2018” that comes up with the 15th birthday of the site! In fact, I had to go back to 2003 when I bought the domain and turned the portal, positioned for a few months on a free domain, in more comfortable way with the first of many graphics made by Sako.
After the debut another 6 versions of the site have passed, the last in 2010 with the addition of the domain and the English localization, which has seen over the years grow the contents of the various sections together with the news, editorials and the Scanlations.
Unfortunately the MangaDB section is for italian speaking people, but international users have more sites where find manga and novel in english translations.
So what I have in store for the new HinaWorld UQ? First of all, as can be seen from the title, the sections have been partially updated in contents with the latest material of the respective manga. The new section dedicated to UQ Holder is coming soon and, if you may be intersted in, my italian fansub Anime version is available on the site
I had also translated and presented the first chapters of the manga shortly before UQ Holder was bought by GOEN, but obviously it has now been withdrawn due to the presence of the Italian edition.
Finally, the editorials will return to have at least monthly frequency and I will try to deal with various issues related to the world of Anime and Manga, not just as reviews, but also returning to talk about aspects of Japanese culture and many other food for thought that come from our favorite series.
The invitation I give you is to comment on the news and the scanlations in the boxes providing your suggestions and advices so I can constantly improve the proposals. This new version has also been designed to open up towards mobile world and I hope it will be more comfortable than the past, sacrificing some graphics to greatly improve navigation.
So welcome to the new HinaWorld UQ!

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