Chrno Crusade uses a lot of terms with Biblical references but in the story have different meaning. On this page you cand find the most important.

Apostoles People who have supernatural powers and they can use the energy from the astral line for healing the others. They are 7 in all the world and anyone can fly thanks to white wings which can appears on their backs. Becaus of this, they're confused with Angels.

Astral Line It's a sort of spiritual energy river which is invisible for human eyes. It's the source of every form of life. It's also the main source of energy for the demons which recept it throught their horns.

Contract It's a connection made between an human and a demon. The human can donate a part of his timelife giving energy to the demon that can avoid to have horns for using the astral line. More is the energy used, less is the timelife for the human.

Eden It's the headquarters of Sinners, a fortress in the sky flowing on a cloud.

Jewel Summoner A people who has the ability to evocate creature or artifact using a magical power on jewel or gems.

Minister Male member of the Order of Magdala.


This important word can assume two different meanings in the plot:

1- The pandemonium is the main of the mother and queen of all demons, from which they're generated. The skin of pandemonium that Aion wants, is her skin.

2- The pandemonium is the world of demons from where they come. It's not the hell, like it can seems.

Sinners> The sinners are, in the contest of the story, anyone have committed a misfact or a sin. But Aion give this name also to his group because they had betrayed their demons commilite.

Pursuers The demons which hunt the Sinners.

Soul In Chrno Crusade the word "soul" means "timelife" and not the spiritual form.