Daisuke Moriyama has recently appeared between the most famous mangaka thanks to Chrno Crusade, his first great work. He started his activity like graphic of magazine covers and after that he passed to videogames industry. In 1996 he realize his most prestigious work with the chara design of both Anime and Videogame's "Alice in Cyberland". In 2003 he was insigned with an award for the best short stories in the book "Koko ni iru Surien".


  • Chrno Crusade (1998)
  • Koko ni Iru Suiren (2002)
  • Planet Blue (2005)
  • World Embryo (2005)
  • Mahou Ineko to Ibarahime (2008)
  • Chouritsushi (2009)
  • Mousou Kikou - Adolescence Avatar (2010)