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US DVD Vol.4 : Secret Lives

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General Information

Release 6/08/2002
Production 2001 Akamatsu Ken, Kodansha / Love Hina Production Committee, TV Tokyo
Edizione DVD US © 2002 Bandai Entertainment
Direction Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Time 100 minutes
Genre Love Comedy
Specials The making ofLove Hina
Mitsune Konno and Mutsumi Otohime's Photo Gallery
Trailers DVD Bandai

DVD Specs

Region 1
Video 4:3 (US)
Audio English - Dolby Digital 2.0
Japanese - Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitle English


1 The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon? Marshmallows? [Grown-Up]
2 Naru's Crush Is Now a Tokyo U. Professor [Turning Into Love?]
3 I Love You! Romantic Confession Inside a Cave [Tall Tale]
4 Monkey Performance at the Seaside Teahouse Hinata [A Kiss?]