Anime Episodes

Love Hina TV Series

  1. All Girls Dorm with Outdoor Bath [HOT SPRING]
  2. The Hinata's New Resident, Shinobu [ ARROW SIGNS]
  3. Kendo Girl in Love? [SWORDPLAY]
  4. The Tokyo U. Promise from 15 Years Ago [DIARY]
  5. Wow, a trip to Kyoto! [EXCITING]
  6. Keitaro's first kiss is with...) [JOURNEY]
  7. First date, Keitaro's true feelings [NOWADAYS]
  8. Kendo Girl and the Legend of the Dragon Palace [IS THIS A DREAM?]
  9. The case of the Missing Hinata apartment's Money [ A MISTERY ]
  10. Who is the beautiful woman wandering in the moonlight? [TRANSFORMATION]
  11. The idol shooting for Tokyo U. is a Prep School student [SING]
  12. Changing after the wedding? Swordmaster Motoko's Sunday best [FEMALE]
  13. The first kiss tastes like lemon? Marshmallows? [GROWN-UP]
  14. Naru's crush is now a Tokyo U. Professor [TURNING INTO LOVE?]
  15. I love you! Romantic confession inside a cave [TALL TALE]
  16. Monkey performance at the seaside Teahouse Hinata [A KISS?]
  17. Mesmerized by Naru on the hauted island [SOMETHING'S FISHY!]
  18. Girls dressed in Yukata fromt the Summer Festival [LET'S!]
  19. Marry into money? A prince from across the sea [WARM]
  20. A sepia-colored promise with a sleeping girl [A TRICK?]
  21. Jealous outburst? Two lovebrids on a boat [TREMBLE]
  22. Little Sister Mei's devious plan [IT CAN'T BE]
  23. Naru Narsegawa - Her Wavering Heart and Keitaro [CRUSHED]
  24. Celebrate! Are the blooming flowers Toky U.? Love? [EVERYBODY]

Love Hina Specials

  1. Motoko's choice between love or swords [DON'T CRY]
  2. Winter Special, Silent Eve
  3. Spring Special: I Wish your dream!

Love Hina Again

  1. Love Hina Again Episodio 1: Kanako
  2. Love Hina Again Episodio 2: Keitaro
  3. Love Hina Again Episodio 3: Naru

Love Hina Drama Tracks*

  1. Epilogue : after Love Hina Again
  2. Love Hina ENDLESS

*= Drama tracks are not video! They're soundtracks made by japanese voice actors!