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Love Hina DVD Ita 2

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General Information

Original Title Love Hina
Release 25/03/2004
Production 2001 Akamatsu Ken, Kodansha / Love Hina Production Committee, TV Tokyo
Italian DVD Edition © 2002 Mondo Home Entertainment
Direction Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Time 130 minutes
Genre Love Comedy
Specials Love Hina Characters

DVD Specs

Region 2
Video 4:3 (PAL)
Audio Italian - Dolby Digital 1.0
Japenese - Dolby Digital 1.0
Subtitle No sub


1 Il primo appuntamento
2 Ah, i sogni
3 Il mistero
4 La trasformazione
5 La canzone
6 Ah, la femminilità
Note Low Video quality caused by a bad use of video compression on DVD5.