Episode 10
Hong Kong in two

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Mitrhril is sent to Hong Kong to stop a rogue AS unit. (You get background on Melissa Mao) After reviewing possible scenarios, Mithril orders Melissa and her comrades on a very simple-yet tedious-mission: Search for the AS...not fun. Anyway, Melissa teams up with Sousuke, as they are passing through various checkpoints, Sousuke screws up royally by not focusing on the road (rather on his situation) and causes a traffic accident. Luckily, the AS shows up, kills a few guys and runs. Melissa and Sousuke get back in the van, with Melissa telling Sousuke that she doesn't wanna be responsible for his death and needs to man up. But instead of the usual Sousuke accepting the situation for what it is, he says okay and gets out of the van. Leaving the viewer (you) with a very simple question: What is Sousuke going to do?

Original Novel

V9: Owaru Day By Day (Lower Volume)