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2016-02-15  Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold
2014-11-28  The End of Evangelion
2014-10-27  Amagi Brilliant Park
2014-05-14  Princess Mononoke
2013-12-02  Nadia and The Secret of Blue Water
2013-06-26  Sousei no Gargantia
2013-01-09  Elfen Lied
2012-09-24  Shingetsutan Tsukihime, the Lunar Princess
2012-06-28  Rinne, ghosts and feelings
2012-05-18  Manga, the digital era is rising
2012-03-28  Papa no iukoto wo kikinasai!
2012-02-29  And then Negima ends...
2012-01-25  Onegai? No... Natsu Matteru!
2011-12-25  Merry Christmas with Always My Santa!
2011-12-07  Hatsune Miku, the music of the future comes from Japan?
2011-09-23  Karin, a weird story about vampires
2011-07-20  Shangri-la, the rebellion of nature
2011-06-08  Kenji Kawai and Progressive Soundtracks
2011-05-06  Hanasaku Iroha, a new Love Hina?
2011-04-14  Anedoki, an unpredictable maid
2011-03-16  Japan: between tsunamis and quakes
2011-03-02  J-POP, an understimated music world
2011-01-24  Full Metal Panic, the long awaited final
2010-12-20  Rebuild of Evangelion, the new theatrical edition
2010-12-01  Maison Ikkoku, a timeless love story
2010-11-02  Lucca Comics 2010: feelings & impressions
2010-10-01  25 candles for Super Mario!
2010-09-03  HighSchool of the Dead
2010-07-29  Angel Beats: battle in the afterlife
2010-07-01  The Legend of Zelda on manga
2010-06-04  Anime streaming, a future economic resource?
2010-05-03  Location Hunting, the new otaku’s frontier
2010-04-01  Is the quality of Anime going down?
2010-03-03  Seven years togheter
2010-02-10  Mahou Sensei Negima - Mou Hitotsu no Sekai
2010-01-01  HinaWorld 6.0 is online!

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2016-02-15  Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold
2014-11-28  The End of Evangelion
2013-01-09  Elfen Lied
2013-06-26  Sousei no Gargantia
2011-07-20  Shangri-la, the rebellion of nature